200mm-300mm Stocker
Stocker is composed of standard storage frame units, which can be freely combined according to the size limitations and requirements of the customer site. Storage bit reader and top FFU can also be configured according to customer requirements.It Can be applied to a variety of wafer and mask carrier storage, and fill gas into vehicle and Stocker internal according to requirements.It can be connected with AMHS system, AGV and Embedded Sorter.
Other products
Fortrend stockers are designed to meet all requirements due to different wafer and mask carriers types, with optional N2/XCDA purging capability per customer requirement.
Fortrend stockers offers connectivity to OHT / AGV per SEMI standards. Fortrend also offers matching embedded 300mm wafer sorter. In addition,
Fortrend provides Stocker + AGV solution as an alternative option for OHT solutions.
• Staged capex investment and 50% cost down compared to
imported OHT/AMHS
• Flexible stocker layout, faster stocker-to-stocker transfer solution
• Ideal for Inter-bay automation and no traffic jam nightmare
• Respective ports for operator and AGV input/output carriers
• Optional RFID/Smart Tag tracking systems and various carriers

Carrier Type

SMIF Pod, Reticle Box, FOUP/FOSB

Storage Capacity

160-270 carriers (depend on stocker dimension)


Class 100 (optional FFU on top)

Transfer Speed

X-axis: 800mm/s, Z-axia: 800mm/s

Transfer Repeatability

± 0.1mm

Quakeproof Level

0.3G (M-S >7.0)


HSMS / SECS II Protocol

Up Time

> 98%


< 2 hours


> 8000 hours

PM Frequence

> 6 months

Facility requirement

220 V, 50 Hz, 30A, 3 wires, 1 phase

PIO Interface

E84 function for AGV/OHT

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