300mm Lord Port
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Standard Features
Compatible with SEMI 300mm Foup loadport standards E15.1, E47.1, E57, E62, E64,E83, E110, S2, S8
Compliant with both SEMI E63 BOLTS-M and E92 BOLTS Light interface standards
Load port status sensing functions
Foup Present
Foup Placement
Foup Dock
Foup Door Present
Wafer Protrusion
Finger pinch sensor
Vacuum Pressure

Modular design minimizes adjustments, maintenance and downtime
RS232 communication interface
Mapping Function
Class 1 Cleanliness
S2S8 Certification

Optical PIO sensor
Info Pad sensor
N2 puege interface
200mm adaptor
200mm wafer mapping
200mm wafer casstte RFID Reader/Writer

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