PLM 200W
Fortrend PLM-200W is a simple, reliable pod opener designed to open 200mm SMIF pods by lifting the shell.  Designed for quick installation and removal the PLM interfaces easily with most semiconductor tools. An integrated wafer protrusion sensor and provisions for tool interlock signals further prevent the pod cover from closing on protruding wafers/Reticles. Active pod present sensor and pod base/cover sticktion detection algorithm detect the presence of the SMIF pod and faulty SMIF pods prevent mistaken pod operations assures optimal performance of the tools.
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  • Small footprint saves valuable FAB floor space
  • Class 1 cleanliness with active self-clean air flow design.
  • Lifts the Pod shell leaving the Wafer Cassette in a sealed mini-environment
  • All electrical system with field programmable application software
  • Four programmable Interlock signals
  • Wafer Cassette Present Sensor
  • Pod Present Sensor
  • Wafer Mapping Sensor (Present, Cross Slot)
  • Meets SEMI E19.4, S2 and S8 standards and CE certified
  • Mounts directly into a process Tool or to a manual load port adaptor (300mm Bolts interface to SEMI E63) to convert open station to a SMIF compatible station.
  • Optional RFID reader/writer
  • Optional IR reader/writer

Weight:                  ~51 lbs
Size:                       14.3”w x 16.6”d x 27.6”h (363 x 421 x 700 mm)
Cycle Time:          <10 seconds
MCBF:                   50,000 cycles
MTTR:                    Less than 1 hour
Power:                  1 A max, single phase 0/60 Hz @ 115/240 VAC
Communications:         Parallel, Serial
Optional SECS/GEM
Options:                RFID, Barcode reader

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