Lamina Series 200mm Sorter
Fortrend has provided Lamina series wafer EFEM since early 2000.
Fortrend owns and manufactures all critical components, like robots, SMIF openers, wafer aligners, ME, and control software. Fortrend offers standard and custom sorter configurations. Fortrend’s wafer Sorter is field-proven, high-throughput, and reliable system that is highly competitive in pricing and performances.
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Fortrend has provided Lamina series wafer and reticle sorter since 1997
Fortrend wafer sorter is a field-proven high-throughput and reliable sorter system that is highly competitive in pricing and performances
Better than Class 1 (ISO-3) cleanliness
Flexible ID reading system is compliant with SEMI M12, M1.15
Single and dual-arm robot for flexible configurations
Unified sorter frame to support both 200mm and 300mm applications allowing easy conversions (upgrades) between 200mm and 300mm sorters, dual-ports, 3-ports, and 4-ports configurations
Optional RFID/Smart Tag /Barcode lot tracking systems
Optional 200/300mm wafer Hybrid sorter system
Optional power interrupt UPS and Raid-5 data base protection
S2/S8/S9/S22/CE certified by TUV company(see certificate)
Full meet SEMI Standards of 300mm transfer equipment (include but not limited E84/E47.1/F47)

Wafer size

SEMI standard 200mm wafers


Class 1 @ 0.1µm (PTFE)

Through put

>550 WPH (Without OCR and Aligner)

>250 WPH (With OCR and Aligner)


Vacuum blade or optional edge gripper

Robot repeatability

± 0.1mm

Aligner repeatability

± 0.1mm


HSMS or SECS I / SECS II messages


< 2 hours


>4,000 hours

Wafer breakage rate

< 10 per 1,000,000 wafers


Window XP Professional or Compatible

Facility requirement

220 V, 50/60 Hz, 15A, 3 wires, 1 phase

Vacuum requirement

-90kPa (min)

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