Less than 90-second cycle time maximizes production
Small footprint saves valuable FAB floor-space
Tilt and Straight end effector meets special customer requirements
Adjustable loading height provides ergonomic efficiency
Built-in mini-environment and clean airflow system maintain Class 1 cleanliness
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Easy to Integrate
The fully automatic Fortrend Plus500S transfers 200mm cassettes from SMIF pods onto process stages in 90 seconds or less. The system can also be used to load cassettes into process tools in a non-SMIF environment.
With a total footprint not much larger than a SMIF pod, the Plus 500 Ux is easy to integrate with AGV system and into small areas
A programmable robotic arm with end-effector that tilts wafers into the vertical position accommodates a wide variety of process tools.
Simple to Maintain
All Plus 500 models feature a variety of tool interface options: diamond-pin interface plate with quick-release latches and stand-alone floor mount enabling reconnection to and from virtually any process tool within 15 minutes or less. Considering that during ramp-up a pod loader may be disconnected and reconnected as often as twice a day to adjust the process tooling, this feature significantly reduces downtime and simplifies preventive maintenance.
Safe and Reliable
A patented, built-in mini-environment and airflow control system help protect wafers from contamination, while the robot is transferring pod between SMIF pods and tool stages.
With many fail-safe features including pod present sensor, wafer protrusion sensor, cassette overload sensors, constant toque dc stepper motors (with encoder feedbacks) for accurate and reliable motion controls, the Plus 500 Ux is the best choice for both OEMs and system integrators
Outstanding Support
Installation, on-site training, worldwide supports and variety choices of economical long-term maintenance contracts are available from Fortrend.
Established in 1979, Fortrend’s expertise in robotics, mechanics and software provide the optimum solution for semiconductor manufacturers who are driven to improve yield, increase throughput and reduce costs.

Plus 500 Ux:
① - ②
①: Ultralow body –View from operator side UR –Right Hand; UL –Left Hand; S - Standard type
②: Utility Side – View from operator side R – Right Hand Side; L – Left Hand Side
Class 1 Cleanliness
<0.1 PWP @ 0.2 μm or greater size particles
<90-second cycle time 2,000 hours MTBF
Latches unlock the SMIF pod, Mini-environment rises and lifts the SMIF pod cover while maintaining Class 1 cleanliness inside SMIF pod. Robot arm picks up cassette and places it on to process tool stage. Process is reversed for unloading.
Cassette present and wafer protrusion sensors Cassette overload sensor
Static-dissipative plastic windows Fail-safe cassette gripper
Built-in diagnostics
PIO safety interlocks and programmable macros Power failure recovery system automatically returns cassette to home position
Parallel I/0 (SEMI E23-96) 8 inputs / 8 outputs EIA-RS232(SECS I/II)
50x42x123cm(20x16.5x48.4 inches) 70cm lower load height, adjustable 80kg(177lbs) total weight
115v AC standard (230v optional), single-phase, 50/60Hz, 5 amps
IR Link/RFID System/IR-RF combo(options)
Specifications subject to change without notice

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