Lamina 202
Fortrend offers a range of EUV & 193 Reticle handling automation solutions to meet the evolving cleanliness standard’s demanded by today’s industry.
The Lamina 200 Series Sorter system offer solutions from transferring the Reticles from storage and shipping boxes to SMIF pods both in the Mask houses and FAB floors. The systems are built in a modular design to suit customer requirements. The transfer of Reticles is inside a ISO class 1 Mini-environment.
Other products
  • For the FAB Reticle room to automate the transfer of Reticles from Clam Shell shipping/storage boxes to SEMI E111 SMIF pods.
  • Transfer New Reticles from mask shop or storage to SMIF Pods
  • Return Reticles to mask shop or storage

 Improve productivity and Yield for the transferring of Masks to and from SMIF pods and shipping boxes with the Fortrend Lamina 202 Mask Sorter.
  • Transfer New Mask to shipping boxes for your customers.
  • Transfer customers returned masks to SMIF pods for processing.
  • Rotate or Flip Masks during manufacture or repair to orientate the masks in the SMIF pod ready for the next process.
  • PLUS 500 G4 SMIF Arm Load port for transferring Reticle to and from the Shipping box to SMIF Pod.
  • Integral Robot arm allows the mask rotated 90°, 180° or 270° and to Flip the mask over for correct orientations in the SMIF pod or Shipping Box.
  • SEMI E111 SMIF pod
  • TOPPAN, POZZETTA or DMS Clam Shell shipping openers
  • SEMI S2, S8, CE
  • ISO Class 1 cleanliness
  • Small foot print 24” (610mm) × 45” (1143mm) × 72” (1829mm)
 RFID Reader/Writer
 Bar code reader (1D &2D)
 CIM connection
 GUI user interface
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