Lamina 204
Fortrend offers a range of EUV & 193 Reticle handling automation solutions to meet the evolving cleanliness standard’s demanded by today’s industry.
The Lamina 200 Series Sorter system offer solutions from transferring the Reticles from storage and shipping boxes to SMIF pods both in the Mask houses and FAB floors. The systems are built in a modular design to suit customer requirements. The transfer of Reticles is inside a ISO class 1 Mini-environment.
Other products
  • To achieve this Fortrend recommends that the sorter system uses isolation chambers to reduce to introduction of contamination from the shipping boxes into the mask handling area.
  • Fully automated mask/reticle transfer systems
  • ISO-Class 1 cleanliness
  • Integrated ionizers to meet SEMI E78 ESD “Level1” standard
  • Meet SEMI S2/S8 standards
  • Turn/Flip Modules (Rotate Mask 0° to 360°;Flip Masks 0° to 180° )
  • Automated box openers: 150mm and 200mm SMIF pods (single and multiple), ASML, Nikon, Cannon, HOYA, Toppan, DNP, TMC, ShinEtsu, DMS, and others, available in any combinations.
  • Other options: BCR/OCR reader, RFID reader/writer, Turn tables, SECS/GEM Interface
Fortrend offers a number of different configurations of the Sorter to meet the final transfer requirements, floor space and special design needs of the customer.
For the Lamina 200 Series Sorter system Fortrend recognizes the need to maintain a high standard of cleanliness within the system when handling the EUV masks and the need to handle standard masks from shipping boxes that do not meet the ISO class 1cleanliness requirements.
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