Compensation Benefit

Based on the company's business development,industry and regional salary situation, we will provide competitive salary and welfare to attract outstanding talents.

The wage includes the following aspects:
Basic salary: Based on employee's responsibilities, abilities and skills
Performance bonus: Base on the KPI and performance result
Other Income: Post allowance, housing subsidy, communication subsidy
Bonus: Special Bonus, Sales Incentive, Project Award, R&D Project Award, Year-end Bonus etc.

Welfare Policy: All social insurance plans ("Endowment Insurance", "Medical Insurance", "Occupational Injury Insurance", "Maternity Insurance" and "Unemployment Insurance" etc).

•Transportation: Provide shuttle bus between the Shanghai office and Pinghu office, Daily route between Lianhang Subway Station and Shanghai office
•Employee Dormitories: A number of apartments nearby Shanghai office for employees.

Vacation policy :Employees enjoy the following paid vacation benefits:
•National statutory holidays: all holidays are unified in accordance with the government's prescribed holiday time.
•Marriage leave, funeral leave, maternity leave for female employees, according to the "labor law" and referring to the relevant provisions of the state.