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Vapor Deposition

 Vapor Deposition


Chemical Vapor DepositionVapor Deposition is a process widely used in the semiconductor and biotechnology industries for the deposition of a thin film of various materials in order to achieve precise surface modification.


Typical vapor deposition coating applications:

  • Silane coating for MEMS
  • Semiconductor surface modification
  • Copper capping
  • BioMEMS packaging
  • Glass slide surface modification
  • DNA and oligonucleotide adhesion

Vapor vs Wet Deposition

Vapor deposition has supplanted outdated wet methods of coating surfaces with silanes. While surface modification with silanes is an important surface functionalization method due to the range of functional groups introduced through these reagents, the wet process is often difficult to control and results are inconsistent.

The main problem with wet processing, or solution phase deposition, is this process typically uses water. Use of water causes slow condensation (polymerization) of silane molecules, so the deposition solution is constantly changing. This creates a challenge for process control.

The Vapor Deposition Process

In recent years, vapor deposition  has become the preferred method for coating surfaces with silanes. Equipment such as the YES-1224 controls the functionalization process so results are precisely reproducible, run-to-run.

Complete dehydration followed by vapor deposition coating provides a superior silane/substrate bond that is stable after exposure to atmospheric moisture, extending the time available between process steps. Chemical usage for the vapor deposition process is dramatically less than the amount needed for wet application processes, significantly reducing waste and chemical costs.

Whether you need a slick surface for coating microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) or a sticky surface for semiconductor fabrication, chemical vapor deposition will provide the desired surface modification.

More information is available on the YES-1224 product page. 
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