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1979 Began as an Engineering Services Firm specializing in automation design.
1989 Began manufacturing Mass Wafer Transfer Semiconductor Equipment and became tool-of-record at Intel.
1995 Won a bid for HP 200mm Pod Load/Unload (PLUS 500) as the first SMIF supplier to a USA 200mm SMIF automated IC manufacturing line.
1998 Introduced the 200mm SMIF Pod Lifting Mechanism (PLM), with the cooperation of HP.
1999 Joint venture to establish Fortrend Taiwan.
2000 Introduced 300mm Horizontal Wafer Transfer system and sorter.
2001 Introduced 150mm SMIF Arm, 300mm FOUP Opener, RFID tracking system, IR-Link Data Distributor DD3010.
2002 Introduced 300mm EFEM for FTIR wafer inspection, PR removal wet bench, and 300mm baking oven system.
2002 Introduced a series of SMIF pod openers: POM 150/PLS 200/ POM 200/ POM200R.

Introduced 300mm EFEM for Spin Etcher 300mm polyimide baking oven system.

2003 Introduced PLUS 500T-Ret 200mm SMIF loader/unloader for Reticle handling.
2003 Developed Generic Data Acquisition System for III-V Compound manufacturing (cooperated with MIRL and Hezawave).
2004 Won a bid for Samsung 200mm SMIF mask shop conversion programs (with PLUS 500T-Ret) as the supplier to the first SMIF conversion program in Korea.
2004 Developed 200mm Pod inspection tool (SPICA 200).
2004 Introduced E-Rack for wafer SMIF Pod and OLED substrate.
2004 Introduced i-Cell RSP Reticle Stocker.
2004 Major order from Korea for 11 SMIF transfer tools.
2005 Introduced E-Rack for reticle SMIF Pod and Mask Box.
2005 Introduced Lamina-II Retile Box Exchangers and received major orders in USA, Korea, Taiwan, Israel, and China.
2005 Won OEM contract to supply PLUS-500T-Ret to Tegal.
2006 Won major OEM contract to supply PLUS-500T-Ret to AMAT Israel.
2006 Won OEM contract to supply PLUS-500T-Ret to Corning Troppel.
2006 Established Fortrend Shen Yang, China office opens.
2006 Won bid for Intel 200mm mask shop SMIF conversion program, for PLUS 500T-Ret.
2007 Launched 200mm open cassette to SMIF production line upgrade programs.
2007 Won major order to convert existing 200mm open cassette production line to SMIF production line from NEC. Over 100 units shipped.
2008 Won Major order to convert 200mm open cassette production line to SMIF production line from Pro-Q. Over 100 units shipped.
2008 Won major orders from Intel for our new i-Cell Bare Reticle Stockers.
2008 Won OEM contract to supply Lamina-II Reticle EFEM to HMI.
2008 Fortrend Engineering acquired the semiconductor department of Fortrend Taiwan Scientist Corp. Found Fortrend Engineering (Hsin Chu) Corp on 1st, May, 2008.
2008 Signed Joint Marketing Agreement with Entegris to launch worldwide introduction of the Fortrend i-Cell Bare Reticle Stockers.
2008 Won major OEM contract to supply PLUS-500T-Ret to RAVE LLC.
Fortrend marks 30 years in the engineering business.
Fortrend USA move a new office located at,687 N.Pastoria Ave.Sunnyvale,CA 94085
Fortrend KOREA move a new office located at,534, Banweol-Dong, Hwasung-Si, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea.
2010 Be exclusive agent of Thermco Furnace in Taiwan begin in May
2010  300mm Wafer Sorter release and get PO
2010  Cooperation with process maker G-company to develope full automative wetbench.
2011 Introduce 4 ports 300mm wafer sorter in Semicon China 2011
2012 Won first purchase order for 300mm baking oven system from a major US semiconductor manufacturing company
2013 Won first purchase order for 300mm thermal curing system from major IC manufacturing company in Taiwan, which is for 3DIC bumping process
2014 Acquired ICCI furnace control system, including software and hardware. To be a manufacturer and provider for ICCI furnace control system

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